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Work together: A fertility primer for couples

When trying to get pregnant, the reward is that much greater when you pursue the goal as a united team. Ecstatic couples who have achieved this type of togetherness just glow over being pregnant or beam over their newborn, their own personal treasure that they themselves have introduced to the world.

A loving partnership: The core of a great fertility solution

More than ever, partners are choosing to be joint players in trying to conceive (TTC). With science to support the new normal, the trend goes way beyond men accompanying their wives to OB/GYN visits or sharing the pregnancy-test moment. It means that as couples set out on the journey of conceiving, both women and men need to be physically and emotionally primed to carry their own weight in getting pregnant in the first place.

Fertility-promoting activities

Intercourse is only one of the many activities that couples do together to support baby-making. The things that partners share in their lives can set the stage for their roles as parents and as a family, but more immediately, for how they enter the phase in life of working to get pregnant.

Announcing when you’re ovulating

For women, getting used to letting your partner know when you’re ovulating may not come naturally. This is why Fruitful Way helps make it easier for you, with automatic fertile window notifications directly to your partner, so he can get ready too, and you can both know the best times to get pregnant. Making love at the wrong times in your cycles should not be what causes infertility.

Pursuing a healthy lifestyle as a team

A healthy amount of exercise can have a positive impact on infertility in males and females[1], so finding ways to exercise together motivates partners to get in shape and, even more importantly, to maintain fitness goals. Regardless of the level of exercise you enjoy – from walking to dancing to competitive sports, working out as a couple builds teamwork toward the ultimate goal and strengthens your emotional bond.

Find or increase healthy joint activities to divert your attention from habits such as cigarette smoking, drug use, caffeine consumption and excessive drinking, which are linked to male factor infertility and female infertility. And, there’s nothing like a bit of spousal motivation to boost preventive care.

Just like with group sports, teams that train together perform better together.

Keeping stress in check

Since stressful events can decrease fertility in both men and women, finding mutually enjoyable activities can reduce overall stress and the natural pressures that go along with trying to conceive. And, why not spend more time together having fun?!


It is probably no surprise that important elements of men’s and women’s diets may have an impact on fertility[2],[3]. What may be surprising, however, is that men and women may not need to eat exactly the same types of foods to maximize their reproductive health. For example, a recent study showed that for men, consuming a diet rich in carbohydrates, fiber, folate, and lycopene as well as consuming fruit and vegetables correlates with improved semen quality[4]. And, reducing both proteins and fats were more beneficial for male fertility. In contrast, women’s fertility diets recommended more monounsaturated fats and less trans-fats, vegetable over animal protein, high-fat over low-fat dairy and foods that keep blood sugar levels consistent. Women who increased their intake of iron and multivitamins showed lower rates of infertility caused by ovulation disorders.

Regardless of exact healthy food ratios in men versus women – planning, preparing and eating meals together not only strengthens the couple’s bond, but also helps keep them on track to eating better overall and staying away from unhealthy temptations.

Fertility-fueling supplements: not just for women anymore

There are plenty of prenatal supplements to choose from – for women, that is. If men contribute no less and no more than half to conception, then shouldn’t they take male fertility supplements to make sure their bodies are in balance? Fruitful Way’s teamwork plan helps prime both partners equally. It features Fruitful for Her, specially designed supplements for women based on the micronutrients that women need – and Fruitful for Him, targeted vitamins for men’s fertility. To round out the plan, Fruitful Couple is the supplement rich in omega 3 that both partners take together to boost their reproductive health. It gives lovebirds one more reason to team up for the task.

Unite to achieve your dream

There is so much more information on lifestyle, exercise and nutrition which factor into the reasons for infertility, so see more information below from the findings and recommendations of the important Reproductive Biology and Endocrinology study, which compiles findings from fertility research.

One final note: remember the romance! Since getting pregnant is a job for two, make sure that the stress of trying to conceive doesn’t lower sexual esteem, satisfaction and especially – frequency. Make trying to conceive a relationship-building experience by enjoying the process and focusing on the reasons you fell in love in the first place.


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