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Take charge of your fertility with the swipe of an app.


Share responsibility to optimize your chances of getting pregnant. The Fruitful Way fertility app is packed with features so that you can manage the process of trying to conceive right from your pocketbook or pocket.

 Discover your fertility potential, track ovulation and get romance reminders, health-tuning tips and stress reducers. Match your efforts with personalized his-and-hers nutritional supplements*.

* Supplements sold separately

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Fruitful Way features for him and her

The Fruitful Way app is the command center for your couple-based fertility plan.

Manage your romance and relationship

The “if onlys” are over. The Fruitful Way romance feature puts the control in your hands – giving you insights into working together to get pregnant. It helps you both plan activities during every phase of your cycle, so that when the time is right, you will both be ready for baby-making. Gentle nudges throughout the month remind you to seize the moment and to do something special for your partner to keep the flame burning.

Know your fertility potential

Learn about your potential to conceive by completing this simple three-minute assessment for her and him. This clinician-developed Q&A compares your specific physical characteristics, lifestyle, health conditions, risks and other parameters to compare your potential conceive with others in your age group.

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Track your fertile window

Know when you’re scheduled to ovulate so you can check your basal temperature to know when you are at maximum fertility. Get automatic his-and-hers reminders on your fertile window so you both know the best times to try to conceive.
Make sure you make time for relationship-building fun even during times when you are not fertile. And, with the app, find out how late your period may be, so you can know when to take a pregnancy test.

Order nutritional supplements

Order personalized Fruitful Way nutritional supplements for both of you – micronutrients that help counter-balance your natural nutrient deficiencies.
Get the right vitamins for you and your partner to fit each of your individual health and lifestyle profiles. The app automatically calculates your proper supplement dosage based on your fertility assessment, so you don’t need to worry about how much to take.


Track your success

Get tips to get pregnant and insights into how to up your conception potential – recommendations that are doable – such as ways to curb your vices and eat healthier.
Schedule and get reminders on taking your supplements for the times that are convenient for you. Then get daily and weekly reports for both of you on your progress. Keep your stress in check by staying in control of the process.

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The benefits of a mobile app

Scientific studies in fields such as exercise, weight management, smoking cessation and lifestyle management indicate mobile apps are showing promise in helping manage important health and life goals.


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