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The natural fertility solution to help you get pregnant


If you have been searching for natural fertility solutions, how do you know what to look for?

Fruitful Way is the first comprehensive plan for couples – both the man and the woman – to boost your chances of getting pregnant and having a healthy baby. It is personalized to you and simple to get started.

3 key fertility plan elements

Scientists and medical professionals say that infertility solutions need to combine three essential features:

Medical knowledge: To understand and optimize reproductive health

A personalized couple’s fertility app: To work together to manage your fertility cycle and romance

Supplement and lifestyle management: Science-based, clinically supported nutritional supplements and insights to make smart lifestyle choices


Medical knowledge for both of you

Knowing what you and your bodies need to maximize your chances of conceiving can make a big difference. Fruitful Way features a wealth of information about the science of optimizing your reproductive health. Learn more about the medical factors that can influence your success in getting pregnant.



Personalized couple’s fertility app

Reduce baby-making stress and share the responsibility with the Fruitful Way app. Ovulation tracking and individual romance reminders help you stay synced and keep your relationship going strong. Determine your fertility potential in minutes with the clinician-developed Fruitful Way fertility assessment.


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Supplement and lifestyle management

To help make sure that you are primed for fertility, take Fruitful Way’s science-based, clinically supported micronutrients. Complementing your lifestyle, natural Fruitful Way fertility supplements are personalized to both of you as a couple. Get dosage reminders to keep you both on track - on the Fruitful Way app.


Fruitful Way helps couples like you during your first 12 months of trying to conceive – before you need to resort to medical intervention, such as IVF. Fruitful Way then ushers you through pregnancy and breastfeeding.


Fruitful Way supplements 


Fruitful for Her: Contains important micronutrients that boost female fertility. It includes prenatal multivitamins to fill up your body's reserves, reduce the risk of miscarriage and preserve your eggs. 




Fruitful for Him: Designed scientifically to help enhance fertility readiness as well as semen and sperm characteristics: the number of swimmers, shape and size.



Fruitful Couple: Contains omega 3, which improves men’s sperm quality and integrity, and is an important anti-inflammatory agent for women – to support fertilization and a healthy pregnancy. .


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Manage your lifestyle and direct your energies toward conception

Get insights on activities geared toward a successful pregnancy and learn about common causes of infertility so you can keep the right frame of mind and make smart choices:

The role of nutrition: Foods that promote fertility – and those that don’t

Environmental factors: Steering clear of harmful toxins

Physical activity and weight considerations: Realistic steps to stay in shape

Quell the stress related to baby-making: Breath easier and set yourself on the right track

Relationship and love life ideas: Insights into balancing the fun with the task at hand

Tune down bad habits: Reasonable ways to break from routine and step up healthy habits. 

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