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About us

Fruitful Way is the first to provide a prenatal plan for both men and women, with customized supplements and a personalized app to help you conceive.


The vision

Fruitful Way’s vision is to be the resource to help you understand the science behind fertility and to help you boost your physical and emotional readiness for getting pregnant, while enjoying the process. 


The Fruitful Way team 

Fruitful’s founding team brings together the power of passionate doctors and scientists who have extensive expertise in family health, clinical care, psychology and drug development, with experts in technology innovation – to help couples get pregnant. 

Each Fruitful team member has encountered infertility issues, and through in-depth research and action, found that a solution for couples that addressed all aspects of fertility could help couples who are trying to start a family – before they need to resort to in vitro fertilization (IVF) or other assisted reproduction technologies (ART).

Sharon Shmueli, MD – General Practitioner

Sharon is a general practitioner and mom to two boys. She encountered primary infertility as a newlywed, having been diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome. Assisted reproduction technologies helped Sharon and her husband conceive their first-born son. Her second pregnancy was even more challenging; it took 6 years for her second child to be born. Sharon believes that knowledge empowers you to prepare for life’s challenges and reduces unnecessary stress, which is a major obstacle to getting pregnant.


Iris Alroy, Ph.D. – Chief Scientific Officer

Iris, a biologist, obtained her PhD in cell biology from Cornell University in New York. She is a biotechnology industry entrepreneur, discovering new disease-treating drugs. Iris believes that we need to nurture our body’s natural systems to stay healthy, defend against disease and avoid chronic illness.

After giving birth to three healthy children, Iris suffered from secondary infertility; she had multiple early miscarriages and was unable to conceive a fourth child. Despite being a scientist with access to vast scientific literature, she found it difficult to find the information to explain her failure to conceive. When she encountered women with similar problems in their initial pregnancy attempts, Iris began researching and sharing information – in understandable language – with others.


Arnon Aharon, MD. – Vice President of Product Development

Arnon Aharon, MD – VP of Product Development

Arnon trained in internal medicine, but was frustrated with limited treatment options and decided to dedicate his career to developing new drugs and novel treatment modalities. Arnon has extensive experience in designing clinical trials, and has keen scientific and medical analysis skills related to human diseases.

Arnon started a family as an older dad, and was fortunate to father a child relatively quickly. Recently, Arnon developed new nutritional supplements to enhance the body’s defenses against chronic conditions, such as heart disease and male infertility.


Udi Alroy, MBA – Chief Executive Officer

Udi is a people person – outgoing, with visionary leadership and strong communication skills – traits that have driven his healthcare and nutritional supplement career and built his worldwide network of industry contacts.

Udi, the proud father of 3 children, experienced decreased fertility with age, as did his life partner. His vast experience has taught him that in today’s industrialized world, our bodies are chronically depleted of key micronutrients that defend against both internal and environmental insults. Udi’s exposure to diverse worldwide cultures and practices has taught him to value alternative medicine, which builds upon insights gained over thousands of years.   

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