Fruitful Way

Serious about having a baby?

Fruitful Way is the first prenatal plan for both men and women, with customized supplements and an app to help you conceive.

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Serious about having a baby?

Fruitful Way Supplements

Fruitful Way supplements are tailored to help counter-balance your natural nutrient deficiencies – to boost chances to conceive.

Why Fruitful?

Optimize your efforts

Get the right micronutrients to counter-balance your natural vitamin deficiencies and fine-tune your lifestyles to promote healthier reproductive systems and normal embryo development. Take charge of your fertility!

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Optimize your efforts
Connect with your partner

Connect with your partner

Baby-making is all about teamwork; so, get your partner on board, share the responsibility and reduce the stress with this fun and functional romance app. Synchronize your schedules to share the moment during your fertile window.

Personalize your experience

The Fruitful Way app is tailored to your lifestyles. And, it customizes your nutritional supplement dosage according to your individual fertility-potential assessment.

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Success Stories

A. A. – Age 48
"I was skeptical about becoming a father after trying for so long at my age – especially since my wife was 42. I had never seen a fertility plan that addressed men’s health too, but it makes all the sense in the world. My wife and I have Fruitful Way to thank for our adorable baby boy!”

– A. A. – Age 48

O. E. Unexplained infertility, Late-term miscarriage, Age 41
"After 9 months on the Fruitful Way plan, we got pregnant. I stayed on the supplements throughout my pregnancy, and my husband did, too. Our son is now an infant, so it’s good we’re in shape to keep up with him!”

– O. E. Unexplained infertility, Late-term miscarriage, Age 41

D. H. Age 38
My wife and I loved the simplicity of the system. It was a great way to manage the most important “project” in our lives. Fruitful Way helped us know that we were doing everything we could to get pregnant without needing to enter the world of medical procedures like IVF. We are grateful to Fruitful Way for helping us become parents.

– D. H. Age 38

K. R. Age 36
My husband and I make a great team. We enjoyed how Fruitful Way made staying healthy and tracking my cycle together throughout the month fun, and not just drudgery. The app’s playful reminders sparked the excitement of making love (and getting the timing right).

– K. R. Age 36

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Fruitful Way Fertility Supplements: 3-Pack, 1-Month Supply

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The 1-month Fruitful Way subscription contains a 3-pack of nutritional supplements: For Him, For Her and For the Couple.

Personalized Fruitful Way is an easy-to-use, science-backed fertility plan.

To help maximize effectiveness, the minimum recommended plan duration is three months. The plan can be discontinued at any time.